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Geduld ist euch vonnöten.--(Goed. 267.)

Based on Hebrews X, 35-37. It appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1661, no. 375.

English Version:
1. 'Tis patience must support you
When sorrow, grief, or smart,
Or whate'er else may hurt you
Doth rend your aching heart.
Belov'd and chosen seed!
If not a death will kill you,
Yet once again I tell you
'Tis patience that you need. . . .

By J. Kelly, 1867, p. 184. A complete translation of the 14 stanzas, and in general very true to the original. It is noteworthy that the first line of each stanza contains the word "patience" as does the poem of Gerhardt the word "Geduld." Kelly's rendering of the last four lines illustrates as well as any the faithfulness of his version.

Kommt dann der letzte Zug,
So gib durch deine Hände
Auch ein geduldigs Ende!
So hab ich alles gnug.
  And in my dying hour,
Thy mercy still extending,
Oh! grant a patient ending
Then need I nothing more.
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