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Jesu, allerliebster Bruder.--(Goed. 263.)

Based on Johann Arndt's Paradiszgärtlein, 1, 33, 92. It appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1661, no. 374.

English Version:
1. Jesus! Thou, my dearest Brother,
Who dost well to me intend,
Thou mine Anchor, Mast, and Rudder
And my truest Bosom-Friend.
To Thee, ere was earth or heaven,
Had the race of man been given;
Thou, e'en me, poor guest of earth,
Chosen hadst before my birth. . . .

A complete translation by J. Kelly, 1867, p. 112. The translator has well rendered a hymn of rather unusual difficulty of interpretation in a foreign tongue.

An unavoidable weakening by translation appears in the last stanza:

Nun, Herr lasz dirs wolgefallen,
Bleib mein Freund bis in mein Grab!
Bleib mein Freund und unter allen
Mein getreuster stärkster Stab!
  Gracious Savior! let it please Thee,
Be my Friend in every hour
Be my Friend, till death release me
Be my faithful Staff of pow'r!
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