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Selected Stanzas:

C. Jacobi, 1722, in Psalmodia Germanica.

To the Tune: "COMMIT THY WAYS AND GOINGS."158158Cf. p. 116.

How shall I meet my Savior?
How shall I welcome Thee?
What manner of Behavior
Is now requir'd of me?
Lord, thine Illumination
Set Heart and Hands aright,
That this my Preparation
Be pleasing in thy Sight.

A. T. Russell, 1851, in his Psalms and Hymns.159159An asterisk placed before the word indicates the form in the original. This altered cento of three stanzas is the one usually given in American hymn books.

1. O how shall I receive Thee, How meet Thee on Thy way;
Blest hope of every nation, My soul's delight and stay?
O Jesus *(Jesu), Jesus *(Jesu), give me Now by thine (*Thy) own pure light,
To know whate'er is pleasing And welcome in Thy sight.
2. Thy Zion (*Sion) palms is strewing, With (*and) branches fresh and fair;
My soul in praise (*My heart to praise) awaking, Her anthem shall prepare.
Perpetual thanks and praises Forth from my heart shall spring.
And (*I) to Thy Name the service Of all my powers I (*will) bring.
(*3.) (Omitted.)
(*4.) 3. Ye who with guilty terror Are trembling, fear no more:
With love and grace the Savior Shall you to hope restore.
He comes, who contrite sinners Will (*shall) with the children place,
The children of His Father, The heirs of life and grace.
(*5.) Omitted.

Miss Winkworth, 1855, in her Lyra Germanica.

Stanza 1. How shall I meet Thee? How my heart
Receive her Lord aright?
Desire of all the earth Thou art!
My hope, my sole delight!
Kindle the lamp, Thou Lord, alone,
Half-dying in my breast, 86
And make Thy gracious pleasure known
How I may greet Thee best.

Miss Winkworth, 1863, in her Chorale Book.

Stanza 1. Ah! Lord, how shall I meet Thee,
How welcome Thee aright?
All nations long to greet Thee
My hope, my sole delight!
Brighten the lamp that burneth
But dimly in my breast,
And teach my soul, that yearneth
To honour such high guest.

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