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Selected Stanzas

C. Winkworth, 1855, in her Lyra Germanica.

Stanza 1. Go forth my heart and seek delight
In all the gifts of God's great might,
These pleasant summer hours:
Look how the plains for thee and me
Have deck'd themselves most fair to see
All bright and sweet with flowers.
8. Thy mighty working, mighty God,
Wakes all my pow'rs; I look abroad,
And can no longer rest;
I, too, must sing when all things sing,
And from my heart the praises ring,
The Highest loveth best.
9. If Thou in Thy great love to us,
Wilt scatter joy and beauty thus
      O'er this poor earth of ours;
What nobler glories shall be given
Hereafter in Thy shining heaven
Set round with golden towers!
10. What thrilling joy, when on our sight
Christ's garden beams in cloudless light
And rings with God's high praise;
134Where all the thousand seraphim
In one accordant voice and hymn
      Their Alleluia raise!
11. O, were I there! oh, that I now
Before Thy throne, my God, could bow,
And bear my heavenly palm!
Then, like the angels would I raise
My voice, and sing thine endless praise
In many a sweet-toned psalm.

J. W. Alexander, 1849, in the Schaff-Gilman Library of Religious Poetry.

Stanza 1. Go forth, my heart, and seek for praise,
On these delightsome summer days,
      In what thy God bestows!
How rich the garden's beauties be,
How lavishly for me and thee
It doth its charms disclose!

R. Massie, 1863, in the Schaff-Gilman Library of Religious Poetry.

Stanza 1. Go forth, my heart, nor linger here
In this sweet season of the year,
When God his gifts dispenses;
See how the gardens in their best
For you and me are gayly drest,
And ravish all the senses!

J. Kelly, 1867, in his Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs.

Stanza 1. Go forth, my heart, and seek delight
In this summer time so bright,
The bounties God displayeth,
The garden's splendour go and see
Behold how God for me and thee
Them gorgeously arrayeth.

Miss Margarete Münsterberg, in her Harvest of German Verse, 1916.

Stanza 1. Go out, my heart, and seek delight,
In this dear summer time so bright,
In God's abundance daily;
The beauty of these gardens see,
And look, how they for me and thee
Have decked themselves so gaily.
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