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Selected Stanzas:

J. C. Jacobi (1725) in the Moravian Hymn Book (ed. 1754).

Stanza 1. Is God for me, what is it
That Men can do to me?
Oft as my God I visit,
All woes give way and flee.
203203In Bishop Ryle's collection the quatrain reads: If God be my salvation, My refuge in distress What earthly tribulation Can shake my inward peace?If God my Head and Master
Defend me from above,
What pain or what disaster
Can drive me from his Love?

B. Beddome, 1776, in Bishop Ryle's Hymns and Spiritual Songs.

Stanza 1. If God is mine, then present things
And things to come are mine;
Yes Christ, His Word, and Spirit too,
And glory all divine.
3. If He is mine, I need not fear
The rage of earth and hell; 130
He will support my feeble power
And every foe repel.

Miss Winkworth in her Lyra Germanica, 1855, p. 130.

Stanza 1. If God be on my side,
Then let who will oppose
For oft ere now to Him I cried
And He hath quelled my foes.
If Jesus be my Friend,
If God doth love me well,
What matters all my foes intend,
Though strong they be and fell?

Here I can firmly rest,
I dare to boast of this,
That God the Highest and the Best,
My Friend and Father is.
From dangerous snares He saves,
Where'er He bids me go
He checks the storms and calms the waves,
Nor lets aught work me woe.

I rest upon the ground
Of Jesus and His blood,
For 'tis through Him that I have found
The True Eternal God.
Nought have I of mine own,
Nought in the life I lead,
What Christ hath given me, that alone
Is worth all love indeed.

His spirit in me dwells,
O'er all my mind He reigns,
All care and sadness He dispels,
And soothes away all pains.
He prospers day by day
His work within my heart,
Till I have strength and faith to say,
Thou God my Father art!

When weakness on me lies,
And tempts me to despair,
He speaketh words and utters sighs
Of more than mortal prayer;
But what no tongue can tell,
Thou God canst hear and see,
Who readest in the heart full well
If aught there pleaseth Thee. etc.

Mrs. Bevan, 1858, in Snepp's Songs of Grace and Glory, 1872 (abridged version).

Stanza 11. Is God for me? I fear not, though all against me rise;
When I call on Christ my Savior, the host of evil flies; 131
My Friend--the Lord Almighty, and He who loves me--God,
What enemy shall harm me, though coming as a flood?
I know it, I believe it, I say it fearlessly,
That God, the Highest, Mightiest, forever loveth me!
At all times, in all places, He standeth by my side;
He rules the battle fury, the tempest and the tide.

J. Kelly, 1867, in his Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs.

Stanza 1. Is God for me? t'oppose me
A thousand may uprise;
When I to pray'r arouse me,
He'll chase mine enemies.
And doth the Head befriend me,
Am I belov'd by God?
Let foes then rise to rend me,
The wild opposing brood!

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