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Ach! treuer Gott, barmherzigs Herz.--(Goed. 209.)

[Cross and Consolation.]

Founded on a prayer "for patience under great trial," no. XXV in Class III of J. Arndt's145145Cf. pp. 24 and 63. Paradiszgärtlein, 1612. It appeared in Crü. Praxis, Frankfurt, 1656, no. 391, in 16 stanzas of 7 lines, and was included in many subsequent hymn books, as recently as the Unv. L. S.: 1851, no. 693; also in Wackernagel: no. 57; and in Bachmann: no. 80.

English Versions:
1. O God most true, most merciful!

A good adaptation in 4 stanzas by Rev. A. T. Russell in his Psalms and Hymns, as follows: &

Gerhardt stanza I (II III) IV V (VI VII VIII IX) X XI
Russell stanza 1 2 3 4

This version appears in an altered form in Kennedy, 1863, no. 665. "O God of mercy full and free."

2. O faithful God! O pitying heart.

A good translation in 11 stanzas by Miss Winkworth in the 2d Series, 1858, of her Lyra Ger., and thence in the Gilman-Schaff Lib. of R. P., 1883, p. 837. The correspondence of stanzas is as follows:

Gerhardt stanzas I II (III) IV V VI VII VIII (IX) X (XI) XII (XIII) XIV XV XVI
Winkworth stanzas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

The translation of stanzas X, XII, XIV, XVI, beginning "O Thou, who diedst to give us life," appear as no. 327, in Church Praise, 1883.

3. Ah! faithful God, compassionate heart.

J. Kelly, 1867, p. 164.

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