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Ich danke dir demütiglich.--(Goed. 205.)

Appeared in the Crü. Praxis, 1656, no. 318. From Johann Arndt's Paradiszgärtlein (Goslar, 1621, 4), 3, 17, p. 294, "Gebet um zeitliche und ewige Wolfahrt."

English Versions:
Stanza 1. O God, my Father! thanks to Thee
I bring with deep humility,
That Thou Thine anger endest,
And that Thy Son
Our joy and Crown
Into the world Thou sendest. . . .

A complete translation by J. Kelly, 1867, p. 117. In stanza 14 the translator has, in honor to Queen Victoria, altered the original which reads:

Insonderheit nimin wol in Acht
Den Fürsten . . . etc.


Make Her Thy care especially,
Whom Thou as monarch hast raised high
This land and nation over; . . . etc.
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