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Sei frölich alles weit und breit.--(Goed. 171.)

Appeared in Crü. Praxis, 1656, no. 171.142142Goedeke states in his note to this hymn (p. 171): "In Crüger's Praxis ist Christ(ian) Bartholdi unterzeichnet, aber von Ebeling als Gerhardt's aufgenommen, und auch wol von ihm selbst mitgetheilt. . . ."

English Version:
1. Be joyful all, both far and near,
Who lost were and dejected:
To-day the Lord of glory here,
Whom God Himself elected
As our Redeemer, who His blood
Upon the cross shed for our good,
Hath from the grave arisen.
J. Kelly, 1867, p. 75.

This is stanza 1 of a complete translation of the seven stanzas of Gerhardt's Easter hymn, keeping well the spirit and fervor of the original, at the same time observing the literality in an unusually difficult metre. Cf. stanza 7:

Nu Gott sei Dank, der uns den Sieg
Durch Jesum hat gegeben
Und uns den Frieden für den Krieg
Und für den Tod das Leben
Erworben, der die Sünd und Tod,
Welt, Teufel, Höll und was in Not
Uns stürzet, überwunden.
  Now praised be God, who vict'ry hath
To us through Jesus given,
Who peace for war, and life for death,
With entrance into Heaven,
Hath purchas'd, who death, sin, and woe,
World, devil, what our overthrow
Would seek, for aye hath vanquish'd.
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