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Nun ist der Regen hin.--(Goed. 17.)

First published in Crü.--Runge, 1653, no. 315.

This simple nature poem expressing to the Almighty thanks for gracious sunshine after a storm has appeared but once in English verse, the version of J. Kelly, 1867, p. 298. The many poetic allusions and references to nature he has imitated very acceptably, at times even surpassing the thought of the original. In the first stanza the rhymes "gekehret" and "erhöret" have been especially aptly rendered by the accented ed in "turnéd" and spurnéd."

Stanza 1. Now gone is all the rain,
Rejoice my heart again, 38
Sing after times of sadness
To God thy Lord with gladness!
Our God His heart hath turned
Our pray'r He hath not spurned

How successfully Kelly has caught the spirit of Gerhardt's nature description is evident in stanza 9:

Die Bäume werden schön
In ihrer Fülle stehen,
Die Berge werden flieszen,
Und Wein und Oele gieszen,
Das Bienlein wird wol tragen
Bei guten warmen Tagen.
    The trees so very fair
Fruit-laden will stand there;
From hill-sides like a river
Will wine and oil flow ever
In warm and quiet weather
Will bees their honey gather.
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