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Selected Stanzas:

From the Moravian Hymn Book, 1754.

Stanza 1. We sing to thee Immanuel!
Thou Prince of life, salvation's well!
Thou Morning-star, thou Eden's Flow'r
The Lord of Lords whom Mary bore!
114Stanza 2. We sing thee 'midst thy chosen race
With all our strength we give thee praise;
That thou so long expected guest
Didst come to visit us at last.

Frances Elizabeth Cox, 1864, in the Schaff-Gilman Library of Religious Poetry.

Stanza 1. We sing to thee, Emmanuel,
The Prince of life, salvation's well,
The plant of heaven, the star of morn,
The Lord of Lords, the virgin-born!
Stanza 2. All glory, worship, thanks, and praise,
That thou art come in these our days!
Thou heavenly guest, expected long,
We hail thee with a joyful song.

Miss Winkworth in her Lyra Germanica, 1865, p. 24.

1. Thee, O Immanuel, we praise,
The Prince of Life, and Fount of Grace,
The Morning Star, the Heavenly Flower,
The Virgin's Son, the Lord of Power!

With all Thy saints, Thee, Lord, we sing,
Praise, honour, thanks to Thee we bring,
That Thou, O long-expected guest,
Hast come at last to make us blest!

E'er since the world began to be,
How many a heart hath longed for Thee;
Long years our fathers hoped of old
Their eyes might yet Thy Light behold.
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