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Die Zeit ist nunmehr nah.--(Goed. 142.)

[Day of Judgment--Second Advent.]

Based on Acts III, 20. It first appeared in the Crü.--Runge, 1653, no. 367, in 18 stanzas of 6 lines; thence in Wackernagel: 1843, no. 119 (1874, no. 124); Bachmann: no. 40; Berlin G. L. S.: ed. 1863, no. 1517.

English Versions:
1. O Christ! how good and fair.

A translation of stanzas III, IV, VI, VII, X-XIII, XVII, by Mrs. Charles in her Voice of Christian Life in Song, 1858, p. 242.

2. May I when time is o'er.

A translation of stanzas VII, VIII, in the Moravian H. Bk., 1789, (in later eds.) "I shall when time is o'er."

3. The time is very near.

J. Kelly, 1867, p. 341.

Wir singen dir, Emanuel.--(Goed. 150.)

(Cf. p. 110 ff.)

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