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Wol dem, der den Herren scheuet.--(Goed. 130.)

Appeared in Crü.--Runge, 1653, no. 243.

The CXIIth Psalm of David celebrating the prosperity of the godly is the basis for Gerhardt's beautiful hymn which has found great popularity in German hymn-books. The translation by J. Kelly, 1867, p. 132, is the only English version published. While Gerhardt follows quite closely the poetic language of the Bible, the translator departs often from what might be expected as the normal English equivalent of Gerhardt's diction. In the following stanzas the translation brings out excellently Gerhardt's simile and metaphor.

Stanza 1. Bless'd is he the Lord who loveth,
At His word doth tremble aye!
Bless'd whose heart him freely moveth
God's commandments to obey.
Who the Highest loves and fears,
Findeth increase with the years.
Of all that to him is given
By the bounteous band of Heaven.
Stanza 5. When the black clouds o'er them lighten,
And the pealing thunders shock
They shall sit and nought shall frighten,
Like the dove hid in the rock;137137Cf. line 36: "Wie ein Vöglein in der Kluft."
They'll remain eternally,
And their memory shall be
Upon every side extending,
As their branches trees are sending.138138Line 40: "Wie die edlen Zweig ausbreiten."

Cf. also lines 1 and 2 of stanza 2:

His dear children shall stand ever139139Seine Kinder werden stehen Wie die Rosen in der Blät.
Like to roses in their blow; . . .

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