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Der Herr, der aller Enden.--(Goed. 120.)

Founded on Psalm XXIII. Appeared in the Crü.--Runge, 1653, no. 224.

English Versions:
Stanza 1. The Lord, the earth who ruleth,
And with His hand controlleth,
Whose goodness never endeth,
He watcheth me and tendeth. . . .

A good and full translation by J. Kelly, 1867, p. 266, with a rather unusual combining of literality and metre, especially in stanza 9:

Du salbst mein Haupt mit Oele
Und füllest meine Seele,
Die leer und dürstig sasze,
Mit vollgeschenktem Masze.
  My head with oil anointest
My empty soul appointest
Of every good and pleasure
A full o'erflowing measure.
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