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Selected Stanzas:

In the Moravian Hymn Book, 1754 ed., part II (author's name not given).

Stanza 1. A Lamb goes forth and on him bears
The Guilt and misdemeanour
Of all the World, and patient wears
The Likeness of a Sinner.
Stanza 2. Great King! in ev'ry age confest,
Yet never more or greater,
Than when thou with thy Wounds wast drest,
Could I but praise thee better!

J. Gambold, in the 1754 edition of the Moravian Hymn Book.

Stanza 1. A Lamb goes forth, and bears the guilt
Of all the world together,
Most patiently by his Blood spilt
To pay for ev'ry Debtor;
Sickness and toil he on him took,
Went freely to the Slaughter-block
All comfort he refused;
He underwent reproach and blame,
Death on the Cross, and Stripes and shame,
And said, I gladly chuse it.

A. T. Russell, in his Psalms and Hymns, 1851.

Stanza 1. A Lamb goes forth: the sins He bears
      Of every generation:
Himself with patience He prepares
To die for every nation.
All faint and weak, behold! He goes,
His life resigning to His foes:
No thought His grief can measure.
He yields to scorn, reproach, disdain,
Wounds, anguish, cross, and dying pain,
And saith, "It is my pleasure."

Guthrie, 1869, in his Sacred Lyrics.

Stanza 1. Forth goes a dear devoted Lamb
And dies an expiation
For sinners all, of every name,
Of every age and nation.
Forlorn and faint, behold He gains
The scene of more than deadly pains,
No earthly good possessing:
"Give me," he says, "The wreath of thorn,
The stripes, the curse, the Cross of scorn,
That men may have the blessing."
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