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Selected Stanzas:

In the 1754 edition of the Moravian Hymn Book (author's name not given).

Stanza 1. Why should I continue grieving,
Han't I still Christ my Hill,
And my Savior living?
Who'll deprive me of Salvation
Which by Faith Jesus hath
Giv'n in expectation?

John Kelly in his Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs, 1867.

Stanza 1. Why should sorrow ever grieve me?
        Christ is near
        What can here
E'er of Him deprive me?
Who can rob me of my heaven
        That God's Son
        As mine own
To my faith hath given?

Miss Winkworth in her Lyra Germanica, 1858.

Stanza 1. Wherefore should I grieve and pine?
Is not Christ the Lord still mine?
Who can sever me from Him?
Who can rob me of the heaven
Which the Son of God hath given
Unto faith though weak and dim?
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