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Ist Gott füf mich, so trete.

1656. P. Gerhardt

1725. J. C. Jacobi, a.

Moravian Hymn Book, #376

Is God my strong salvation,

No enemy I fear,

He hears my supplication,

Dispelling all my care:

If he, my Head and Master,

Defend me from above,

What pain, or what disaster,

Can part me from his love?

I fully am persuaded

And joyfully declare,

I'm never left unaided,

My Father hears my prayer;

His comforts never fail me,

He stands at my right hand;

When tempests fierce assail me,

They're calm at his command.

The ground of my profession

Is Jesus and his blood;

He giveth me possession

Of everlasting good.

To me his Spirit speaketh

Full many a precious word--

Of rest to him who seeketh

A refuge in the Lord.

Should earth lose its foundation,

He stands my lasting rock;

No temporal desolation

Shall give my love a shock;

I'll cleave to Christ my Saviour,

No object, small or great,

Nor height, no depth, shall ever

Me from him separate.

My merry heart is springing,

It can no more be sad;

With laughter and with singing,

In God's own sunshine glad;

For Christ is now preparing

His city new and bright,

Where saints his throne are sharing

And faith is turned to sight.

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