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Salve mundi Salutare. 12th Cent. Bernard of Clairvaux.

Sei mir tausendmal gegrüsset. 1653.

1754. J. Gambold, a.

Moravian Hymn Book, #97

Thousand times by me be greeted,

Jesus, who has lovèd me,

And thyself to death submitted

For my treason against thee:

Ah, how happy do I feel,

When 'fore thee I humbly kneel,

See thee on the cross expiring,

And true life for me acquiring.

Jesus, thee I view in spirit,

Covered o'er with blood and wounds:

Now salvation through thy merit

For my sin-sick soul abounds:

O who can, thou Prince of Peace,

Who didst thirst for our release,

Fully fathom all that's treasured

In thy love's design unmeasured?

Heal me, O my soul's Physician,

Wheresoe'er I'm sick or sad;

All the woes of my condition

By thy balm be now allayed:

Heal the hurts which Adam wrought,

Or which on myself I've brought;

If thy blood me only cover,

My distress will soon be over.

With the deepest adoration

Humbly at thy feet I lie,

And with fervent supplication

Unto thee for succour cry:

My petition kindly hear;

Say in answer to my prayer,

'I will change thy grief and sadness

Into comfort, joy, and gladness.'

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