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Paul Gerhardt, 1648.


Hymnal and Order of Service, #400

Shun, my heart, the thought forever

That thou hast been cast away,

Rest upon God's Word and favor,

Never cease to watch and pray.

E'en though thou unrighteous art,

True and faithful is God's heart;

Hast thou death deserved forever?

God's appeased, despond thou never!

Thou art, as is ev'ry other,

Tainted with the bane of sin

That the serpent through our father

Adam, by the fall, brought in.

But if thou God's voice dost hear,

With a contrite heart draw near

Unto God, he will receive thee,

All thy sins He will forgive thee.

Thou wilt find in Him a Father

Who is patient, kind, and true,

He doth love thee as no brother

And no other friend can do.

E'en our smallest cares He knows,

He is touched by all our woes;

Our most secret prayers He heareth,

And our saddened hearts He cheereth.

Hear His word, "As I am living,

I the death of none would see,

But that every sinner, giving

Up his heart, would turn to Me.

How my heart with rapture burns

When a prodigal returns!

My own child I love to call him,

And no evil shall befall him."

Never shepherd's heart so yearneth

For the sheep that go astray

As God's loving bosom burneth

For His erring child alway.

How He thirsts, and longs, and yearns

For the soul that from Him turns!

Couldst thou know His love so tender,

Thou wouldst praise unto Him render.

Of such wondrous love and favor

Open wide the door to me,

And Thy goodness, precious Saviour,

Let me ever taste and see.

Love me, Lord, and let me be

Ever nearer drawn to Thee;

Let Thy Spirit lead and guide me,

In Thy loving bosom hide me.

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