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Sunday Night.

Rest him, O Father! Thou didst send him forth

With great and gracious messages of love;

But Thy ambassador is weary now,

Worn with the weight of his high embassy.

Now care for him as Thou hast cared for us

In sending him; and cause him to lie down

In Thy fresh pastures, by Thy streams of peace.

Let Thy left hand be now beneath his head,

And Thine upholding right encircle him,

And, underneath, the Everlasting arms

Be felt in full support. So let him rest,

Hushed like a little child, without one care;

And so give Thy belovèd sleep to-night.

Rest him, dear Master! He hath poured for us

The wine of joy, and we have been refreshed.

Now fill his chalice, give him sweet new draughts


Of life and love, with Thine own hand; be Thou

His ministrant to-night; draw very near

In all Thy tenderness and all Thy power.

Oh speak to him! Thou knowest how to speak

A word in season to Thy weary ones,

And he is weary now. Thou lovest him—

Let Thy disciple lean upon Thy breast,

And, leaning, gain new strength to ‘rise and shine.’

Rest him, O loving Spirit! Let Thy calm

Fall on his soul to-night. O holy Dove,

Spread Thy bright wing above him, let him rest

Beneath its shadow; let him know afresh

The infinite truth and might of Thy dear name—

‘Our Comforter!’ As gentlest touch will stay

The strong vibrations of a jarring chord,

So lay Thy hand upon his heart, and still

Each overstraining throb, each pulsing pain.

Then, in the stillness, breathe upon the strings,

And let thy holy music overflow

With soothing power his listening, resting soul.

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