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Church Missionary Jubilee Hymn.

‘He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied.’—Isa. liii. 11.

Rejoice with Jesus Christ to-day,

All ye who love His holy sway!

The travail of His soul is past,

He shall be satisfied at last.

Rejoice with Him, rejoice indeed!

For He shall see His chosen seed.

But ours the trust, the grand employ,

To work out this divinest joy.

Of all His own He loseth none,

They shall be gathered one by one;

He gathereth the smallest grain,

His travail shall not be in vain.

Arise and work! arise and pray

That He would haste the dawning day!

And let the silver trumpet sound,

Wherever Satan’s slaves are found.

The vanquished foe shall soon be stilled,

The conquering Saviour’s joy fulfilled,

Fulfilled in us, fulfilled in them,

His crown, His royal diadem.

Soon, soon our waiting eyes shall see

The Saviour’s mighty Jubilee!

His harvest joy is filling fast,

He shall be satisfied at last.

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