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An Interlude.

That part is finished! I lay down my pen,

And wonder if the thoughts will flow as fast

Through the more difficult defile. For the last

Was easy, and the channel deeper then.

My Master, I will trust Thee for the rest;

Give me just what Thou wilt, and that will be my best!

How can I tell the varied, hidden need

Of Thy dear children, all unknown to me,

Who at some future time may come and read

What I have written! All are known to Thee.

As Thou hast helped me, help me to the end;

Give me Thy own sweet messages of love to send.

So now, I pray Thee, keep my hand in Thine;

And guide it as Thou wilt. I do not ask

To understand the ‘wherefore’ of each line;

Mine is the sweeter, easier, happier task,

Just to look up to Thee for every word,

Rest in Thy love, and trust, and know that I am heard.

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