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How many psalms are to be said during the aforesaid hours.

We have already arranged the order of the Office for the Nocturns, or Lauds; let us now dispose of the Hours that follow. At Prime, let three psalms be said separately, and not under one “Gloria.” Presently after the verse: “O God incline unto mine aid,” let the hymn of the same Hour follow, before the psalms be begun. At the end of the psalms, let there be recited one lesson, a versicle, and “Kyrie eleison,” and let that Hour conclude with a collect. Tierce, Sext, and None, are to be recited in the same way; that is, the prayer, versicle, and hymns of these same Hours, three psalms, then a lesson, versicle, and “Kyrie eleison”, and let the Hour conclude with a collect. If the community be great, let the Hours be sung with antiphons; if, however, it be small, let them be only recited. Let Even-Song be said with four psalms and antiphons; after these let a less on be recited, then a responsory, the hymn, versicle, and canticle, our of the Gospel—the Litany, the Lord’s Prayer, and a collect to conclude. For Complin, let three psalms be recited straight on without antiphons. After these, the hymn for that Hour, the lesson, versicle, “Kyrie eleison”, and blessing, and so let the Hour terminate.

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