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How Matins, or Night-office, is to be celebrated on Sundays.

On Sunday, let them rise more seasonably for Matins, and therein observe the following order. When six psalms and the versicle have been sung, as we before arranged, let all sit down in a becoming and orderly manner, and let four lessons with the responsories be read from the book; to the forth responsory only, let the Cantor add a “Gloria,” at the beginning of which all shall rise out of reverence. After these lessons, let six more psalms follow in order, with their antiphons and versicle as before. Then let four other lessons with their responsories be read in the same way as the former. Next, let three canticles be said our of the Prophets, such as the Abbot shall appoint; these must be sung with “Alleluia.”

When the versicle has been said, and the Abbot has given his blessing, let four other lessons out of the New Testament be read, in the same order as before.

After the fourth responsory, let the Abbot begin the Hymn “Te Deum laudamus,” and this being said, let him read a lesson from the Gospel, with reverential fear while all stand. At the end of this let all answer “Amen”, and then let the Abbot go on with the Hymn: “Te decet alus.” Then, after the giving of the blessing, let Lauds begin. This order is always to be observed in singing Matins on Sundays, both in summer and in Winter, except perchance (which God forbid) they rise late, for then the lessons or responsories must be somewhat shortened. But let good care be taken that this do not happen; and if it do, let him, by whose negligence it comes to pass, make satisfaction for it in the Oratory.

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