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Of the order of the Community.

The Brethren shall hold that rank in the Monastery which is fixed for them by the time of their conversion, by the merit of their life, or by the appointment of the Abbot. And let not the Abbot disquiet the flock committed to him, not, as it were by an arbitrary use of power, arrange anything unjustly; but let him always consider that he is to give an account to God of all his judgments and of all his works.

Therefore, let the Brethren receive the Pax, approach to Communion, intone a psalm, and stand in choir, according to that order which he shall appoint, or which they hold among themselves. In all places without exception, let not order be decided by age, neither let it be a prejudice to any man; for Samuel and Daniel, though mere youths, sat in judgment upon the elders.196196I. Reg. vii. 15; Daniel. xiii. 51, et seq.. With the exception, therefore, of those whom for special reasons the Abbot shall advance or loser, let all the rest keep the order of the conversion. For example: He who cometh to the Monastery at the second hour of the day must know that he is lower than the man who came at the first hour, no matter what his age or dignity may be. But with regard to children, let them be kept under discipline on all occasions, by all indiscriminately.

Let the Juniors, therefore, honour their Seniors, and the Seniors love the Juniors. But in addressing each other by name, no one shall call another by his simple name; let the Seniors call the Juniors Brothers, and let the Juniors call the Seniors Fathers out of reverence.

But because the Abbot representeth the person of Christ, he shall be called “Domnus,” and “Abbot,” not as if he took this title upon himself, but out of honour and love of Christ. Let him remember to conduct himself in such a way, as to be worthy of so great honour.

Wheresoever the Brethren meet each other, let the Junior ask a blessing from the Senior. When the Senior passeth by, let the Junior rise, and give place to him to sit down. Nor shall the Junior presume to sit with him, unless his Senior bid him do so, in order to accomplish that which is written: “In honour preventing one another.”197197Rom. xii. 10. Little children, youths, shall keep their respective places in the oratory or at table with due discipline. Elsewhere, careful watch shall be kept over them, till they come to the age of understanding.

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