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Of a boy who was cast out of his grave.


Upon a certain day, a young Monk of his, who was over-much affected towards his parents, went from the Monastery to their abode without his benediction, and the very same day, as soon as he was come to them he died. The day following his burial they found his body cast up, which they interred the second time, and the next day after it was found in like manner lying above ground as before. Hereupon they ran straight way and fell at the feet of the most mild Father Benedict imploring his aid, to whom the man of God with his own hand gave the communion of the Lord’s Body saying: “Go, and lay the Body of the Lord upon his breast and so bury him.” This done, the earth kept his body, and never after cast it up. You perceive, Peter, of what merit this man was with our Lord Jesus Christ, seeing that the very earth cast forth the body of him who had not received the blessing of Benedict.


I do plainly perceive it, and am much astonished thereat.

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