Note 034
From Chapter 55 of the Decline & Fall

Both the Hungarian and Russian annals suppose, that they besieged, or attacked, or insulted Constantinople (Pray, dissertat. x. p. 239. Katona, Hist. Ducum, p. 354 - 360); and the fact is almost confessed by the Byzantine historians (Leo Grammaticus, p. 506. Cedrenus, tom. ii. p. 629): yet, however glorious to the nation, it is denied or doubted by the critical historian, and even by the notary of Bela. Their scepticism is meritorious; they could not safely transcribe or believe the rusticorum fabulas; but Katona might have given due attention to the evidence of Liutprand,

Bulgarorum gentem atque Graecorum tributariam fecerant (Hist. l. ii. c. 4, p. 435.).
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