Note 033
From Chapter 55 of the Decline & Fall

Muratori has considered with patriotic care the danger and resources of Modena. The citizens besought St. Geminianus, their patron, to avert, by his intercession, the rabies, flagellum, etc.

Nunc te rogamus, licet servi pessimi
Ab Ungerorum nos defendas jaculis.

The bishop erected walls for the public defence,

not contra dominos serenos (Antiquitat. Ital. Med. Aevi, tom. i. dissertat. i. p. 21, 22),

and the song of the nightly watch is not without elegance or use (tom. iii. dis. xl. p. 709.). The Italian annalist has accurately traced the series of their inroads (Annali d' Italia, tom. vii. p. 365, 367, 398, 401, 437, 440, tom. viii. p. 19, 41, 52, etc.).

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