Scope Of Chapter 69
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

State Of Rome From The Twelfth Century
1100-1500 State and Revolutions of Rome
1000-1100French and German Emperors of Rome; Authority of the Popes in Rome from: Affection, Right, Virtue, BenefitsInconstancy of Superstition; Seditions of Rome against the Popes
1086-1305Successors of Gregory VII
1090-1118Paschal II
1118,1119 Gelasius II
1144,1145 Lucius II
1181,1185 Lucius III
1119-1124 Calistus II
1130-1143Innocent II; Character of the Romans by St Bernard
1140Political Heresy of Arnold of Brescia
1144-1154He exhorts the Romans to restore the Republic; His Execution; Restoration of Senate; Capitol; Coin; City Praefect; Number and Choice of the Senate; Office of Senator
1265-1278 Charles of Anjou
1281Pope Martin IV
1328Emperor Lewis of Bavaria
Addresses of Rome to the Emperors
1144Conrad III
1155Frederic I; Wars of the Romans against the neighbouring Cities
1167Battle of Tusculum
1234Battle of Viterbo; Election of the Popes
1179Right of the Cardinals established by Alexander III
1274Institution of the Conclave by Gregory X
Absence of the Popes from Rome
1294-1303Boniface VIII
1309Translationof the Holy See to Avignon
1300Institution of the Jubilee, or Holy Year
1350Second Jubilee; Nobles or Barons of Rome; Family of Leo the Jew; The Colonna And Ursini, Their hereditary Feuds
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