Scope Of Chapter 70
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Petrarch and Reinzi
1341His Poetic Coronation at Rome
Birth, Character, and patriotic Designs of Rienzi
1347He assumes the Government of Rome; With the Title and Office of Tribune; Laws of the Good Estate; Freedom and Prosperity of the Roman Republic; Tribune is respected in Italy etc.; And celebrated by Petrarch; His Vices and Follies; Pomp of his Knighthood And Coronation; Fear and Hatred of the Nobles of Rome; They oppose Rienzi in Arms; Defeat and Death of the Colonna; Fall and Flight of the Tribune Rienzi
1347-1354Revolutions of Rome; Adventures of Rienzi
1351A Prisoner at Avignon
1354Rienzi, Senator of Rome, His Death
1355Petrarch invites and upbraids the Emperor Charles IV
He solicits the Popes of Avignon to fix their Residence at Rome
1367-1370Return of Urban V
1377Return of Gregory XI
1378 His Death; Election of Urban VI; Election of Clement VII
1378-1418Great Schism of the West; Calamities of Rome
1392-1407 Negotiations for Peace & Union
1409Council of Pisa
1414-1418Council of Constance, Election of Martin V
1417 Martin V
1431Eugenius IV
1447Nicholas V
1434 Last Revolt of Rome
1452Last Coronation of a German Emperor, Frederic III
The Statutes & Government of Rome
1453Conspiracy of Porcaro
Last Disorders of the Nobles of Rome
1500The Popes acquire the absolute Dominion of Rome
Ecclesiastical Government
1585-l590Sixtus V
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