Scope Of Chapter 68
Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Reign and Character of Mahomet II — Siege, Assault, and Final Conquest of Constantinople by the Turks— Death of Constantine Palaeologus— Servitude of the Greeks— Extinction of the Roman Empire in the East— Consternation of Europe—Conquests and Death of Mahomet II
1450-1452Character of Mahomet II
1451-1481His Reign; Hostile Intentions of Mahomet; He builds a fortress on the Bosphorus; The Turkish War
1452,1453Preparations for the Siege of Constantinople; The Great Cannon of Mahomet
1453Mahomet II forms the Siege of Constantinople; Forces of the Turks, Forces of the Greeks
1452False Union of the Two Churches; Obstinacy and Fanaticism of the Greeks
1453Siege of Constantinople by Mahomet II; Attack and Defence; Succour and Victory of 4 Ships; Mahomet transports his Navy Overland; Distress of the City; Preparations of the Turks for the Assault; Last Farewell of the Emperor; Assault
Death of Constantine Palaeologus; Loss of the City and Empire; Turks enter and pillage; Captivity of the Greeks; Amount of the Spoil
Mahomet II visits the City; His Behaviour to the Greeks; He repeoples and adorns Constantinople
1453Extinction of the Imperial Families
of Comnenus and Palaeologus
1460Loss of the Morea
1461Loss of Trebizond
1453Grief and Terror of Europe
1481Death of Mahomet II.
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