Scope Of Chapter 55
From 'Fall In The East' of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

The Bulgarians— Origin, Migrations, and Settlement of the Hungarians— Their Inroads in the East and West— The Monarchy of Russia— Geography and Trade— Wars of the Russians against the Greek Empire— Conversion of the Barbarians
680Emigration of the Bulgarians
900Croats or Sclavonians of Dalmatia
640-1017First Kingdom of the Bulgarians
884Emigration of the Turks or Hungarians, Their Fennic Origin
900Tactics and Manners of the Hungarians and Bulgarians
889Establishment and Inroads of the Hungarians
934Victory of Henry the Fowler
955Victory of Otho the Great
839Origin of the Russian Monarchy; The Varangians of Constantinople
950Geography and Trade of Russia
Naval Expeditions of the Russians against Constantinople
Negotiations and Prophecy
955-973 Reign of Swatoslaus
970-973His Defeat by John Zimisces
864 Conversion of Russia
955 Baptism of Olga
988 Baptism of Wolodomir
800-1100 Christianity of the North
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