Scope Of Chapter 56 Fall In The East — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

The Saracens, Franks, and Greeks, in Italy—1st Adventures and Settlement of the Normans—Wars of the Greeks and Normans
840-1017 Conflict of the Saracens, Latins, and Greeks in Italy
871Conquest of Bari
890New Province of the Greeks in Italy
983Defeat of Otho III.; Anecdotes
1016 Origin of the Normans in Italy
1029 Foundation of Aversa
1038 The Normans serve in Sicily
1040-1043 Their Conquest of Apulia; Character of the Normans
l046Oppression of Apulia
1049-1054League of the Pope and the two Empires
1053Expedition of Pope Leo IX against the Normans; His Defeat and Captivity; Origin of the Papal Investitures to the Normans
1020-l085Birth and Character of Robert Guiscard
1054-l080 His Ambition and Success
1060Duke of Apulia, His Italian Conquest ; School of Salerno;
Trade of Amalphi
1060-l090Conquest of Sicily by Count Roger
1081 Robert invades the Eastern Empire; Siege of Durazzo
The Army and March of the Emperor Alexius
Battle of Durazzo
1082 Durazzo taken; Return of Robert, and Actions of Bohemond
1081The Emperor Henry III invited by the Greeks
1081-1084Besieges Rome, Flies before Robert
10842nd Expedition of Robert into Greece
1085His Death
1101-1154Reign and Ambition of Roger, great Count of Sicily
1127Duke of Apulia
1130-11391st King of Sicily
1122-1152His Conquest in Africa
1146His Invasion of Greece —His Admiral delivers Louis VII of France, Insults Constantinople
1148,1149 The Emperor Manuel repulses the Normans
1155He reduces Apulia and Calabria
1155-1174His Design of acquiring Italy and the Western Empire; his Failure
1156Peace with the Normans
1185Last War of the Greeks and Normans
1154-1166William I the Bad King of Sicily
1166-1189William II the Good; Lamentation of the Historian Falcandus
1194Conquest of the Kingdom of Sicily by the Emperor Henry VI
1204Final Extinction of the Normans
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