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WHILE Reuben waxeth, Simeon is born; for after dread it needeth greatly that sorrow come soon. For ever the more that a man dreadeth the pain that he hath deserved, the bitterlier he sorroweth the sins that he hath done. Leah in the birth of Simeon cried and said: "Our Lord hath heard me be had in despite."3636 Gen. xxix. 33. And therefore is Simeon cleped "hearing";3737 Exauditio. for when a man bitterly sorroweth and despiseth his old sins, then beginneth he to be heard of God, and also for to hear the blessed sentence of God's own mouth: "Blessed be they that sorrow, for they shall be comforted."3838 Matt. v. 4. For in what hour the sinner sorroweth and turneth from his sin, he shall be safe.3939 Ezek. xxxiii. 14. Thus witnesseth holy Scripture. And

9also by Reuben he is meeked,4040 Made humble. and by Simeon he is contrite and hath compunction of tears; but, as witnesseth David in the psalm: "Heart contrite and meeked God shall not despise";4141 Ps. li. 17 (Vulgate l.). and without doubt such sorrow bringeth in true comfort of heart.

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