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GOD hath two grand attributes, first, optimus, that he is the best of beings. Secondly, maximus, that he is the greatest of essences. It may justly seem strange that all men naturally are ambitious, with the Apostles, Luke xxii. 24, to contest and contend for the latter, who shall be accounted for the greatest. Outward greatness having no reality in itself, but founded merely in outward account and reputation of others.

But as for his goodness, they give it a go-by, no whit endeavouring the imitation thereof; 235whereas, indeed, greatness without goodness is not only useless, but also dangerous and destructive, both to him that hath it and those who are about him.

This is a fruit of Adam’s fall, and floweth from original corruption. Oh! for the future let us change this our ambition into holy emulation, and fairly run a race of grace, who shall outstrip others in goodness.

In which race strive lawfully to gain the victory, supplant not those that run before thee, justle not those who are even with thee, hinder not those who come behind thee.

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