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IT is said of our Saviour, his fan is in his hand. [Matth. iii. 12.] How well it fits him, and he it! Could Satan’s clutches snatch the fan, what work would he make! He would fan as he doth winnow, [Luke xxii. 31.] in a tempest, yea, in a whirlwind, and blow the best away. Had man the fan in his hand, especially in these distracted times, out goes for chaff all opposite to the opinions of his party. Seeming sanctity will carry it away from such, who, with true but weak grace, have ill natures and eminent corruptions.

There is a kind of darnel, called lolium murinum, because so counterfeiting corn, that even 121the mice themselves (experience should make them good tasters) are sometimes deceived therewith. Hypocrites in like manner so act holiness, that they pass for saints before men, whose censures often barn up the chaff, and burn up the grain.

Well then! Christ for my share. Good luck have he with his honour. The fan is in so good a hand it cannot be mended. Only his hand who knows hearts is proper for that employment.

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