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To the Right Honourable


Lady Governess to her Highness the
Princess Henrietta,


IT is unsafe in these dangerous days for any to go abroad without a convoy, or, at the least, a pass; my book hath both in being dedicated to your Honour. The Apostle saith, Who planteth a vineyard, and eateth not of the fruit thereof? [1 Cor. ix. 7.] I am one of your Honour’s planting, and could heartily wish that the fruit I bring forth were worthy to be tasted by your judicious palate. Howsoever, accept these grapes, if not for their goodness, for their novelty: though not sweetest relished, they are soonest ripe, being the first fruits of Exeter press, presented unto you. And if ever my ingratitude should forget my obligations to your Honour, these black lines will turn red, and blush his unworthiness that wrote them. In this pamphlet your Ladyship shall praise whatsoever you are pleased but to pardon. But I am tedious, for your Honour can spare no more minutes from looking on a better book, her infant Highness, committed to your charge. Was ever more hope of worth in a less volume? But O! how excellently will the same, in due time, be set forth, seeing the paper is so pure, and your Ladyship the overseer to correct the press! The continuance and increase of whose happiness here, and hereafter, is desired in his daily devotions, who resteth

Your Honour’s in all

Christian service,


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