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Chapter 32 - Realm of Spirit

The most real thing in the world is a life in the Spirit; most detaching, because our spirit is released. Keep that spirit open, as a sensitized plate that’s exposed continually to God. Then that application of God, flowing and moving over us continually, does something to this plate. It has the power to capture, to hold, and to retain after it has been moving. Finally, we will find a deposit there—not tomorrow, or the next day. We may not find some of the reaction of these movings of God for six months, or a year, but this has been a time of His visitation. He desires the flow of that Spirit continually over us to bring the deposit of God-likeness: of Spirit and Reality in our inner consciousness of life. I believe He will do this so that we won’t be the same any more.

People are utterly starved to death. For what? Food; not milk, but for some meat, and some strong meat. They need it; they need it badly. God can’t take a Body that is just a whimpering baby to sit on the throne with Him and share—He can’t do things like that. There will be a place for babes; I imagine heaven will have a tremendously large nursery!

Many have never come into an inner consciousness of a birth; it is a potential matter with them. We are birthed into a vast realm. When we say “kingdom”, then right away we are thinking of horses, bugles, and banners, but it is a vast field; a realm. When He was talking about coming into the kingdom, He was not talking about heaven. He called the kingdom a vast realm.

Now by the power of the Spirit, He will gradually bring us into an inner consciousness of that realm; maybe not the first day, nor the first year. I have had to deal with souls who have been filled with the Spirit ten, twenty years, who have not yet come into the consciousness of that! Now what is in this realm? All spiritual reality.

In the natural, there are laws which He has established for our well-being in order that we can live a comfortable life. It would be a great aid to us if we would discover the laws in the realm of Spirit, and come under the power of the laws which God has placed there.

He doesn’t want us so super doodle in the Spirit that we can’t know beans from buttons. He wants us perfectly practical, and able to discern that, and yet all the time saying, “That is not my realm; that natural realm is not my realm. Here is my realm; I live with Him in spirit.” Now in this spiritual realm I have been making discoveries of troths, principles, laws, methods, and facts which are just as real as those in the natural realm, but they are abstract, and spiritual. Therefore, most people never bother with them at all.

Of course, if you want to live on that natural plane, live on it; go to heaven, and play on a harp. But you will never yet find the thing that God intended us to have in the Spirit. In that spiritual realm I make discoveries; I find how God works; I watch Him work here; watch Him work there, and then as I go around in the Word, I twig it. I am like a hound dog in the Word. Sometimes I am in it a year, sometimes two, chasing that Truth down; and so I make my discoveries.

He didn’t bring in the kingdom then, but He introduced a brand new order—not an earthly kingdom, but a life in the Spirit.

In Luke 24:13-35, we read of Emmaus; the house by the side of the road. This little cottage is our inner chamber, the inner recesses of this strange creature that you and I are. On the dusty road of escapism He expounded to the two disciples the Truth, but though their hearts burned within them; their eyes were not yet opened as to Who He really was. They had not yet come into the proper place for the unveiling. He was waiting to bring the revelation to its consummation, but He couldn’t do it on the dusty road while they were reasoning in their agitated hearts—not even in the presence of the exposition of Truth which made their hearts burn. But when they constrained Him to come into the inner recesses of their being—their whole soul and being—He went in. The door was closed to every external contact with which they had thus far been familiar.

The breaking of bread was an old custom; it was a covenant that one entered into for fellowship.—Our life is a loaf of bread. He takes the bread, worships, breaks it, and gives it back to us. His hands have received it; His hands have touched it, and we will never live the same again. He is made known to us as to the two disciples in the breaking of our hearts and lives; He is unveiled to us through that.—We heard Him; we saw Him; we had an inner vision of Him, but now we KNOW Him.

We learn the laws of living in the realm of spiritual reality, by living.

Education is good, but I want it to be where it belongs. It is the mechanism, the mechanics, the world of flesh and time. It does not belong in the realm of Spirit. Therefore, the things of the Spirit of God are not known, nor understood by these mechanics. They cannot be; they are diametrically opposed.

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