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The following particular statement of the children of Timothy and Esther Edwards, will probably interest some readers.

1. Esther, born in 1695; married Rev. Samuel Hopkins of West Springfield. They had several children: Hannah, married in 1740, to Hon. John Worthington, L.L.D. of Springfield. They had two sons, who died in infancy; and four daughters: Mary, who married Hon. Jonathan Bliss, chief justice of the province of New Brunswick; Hannah, who married Hon. Thomas Dwight of Springfield; Frances, who married Hon. Fisher Ames, L.L.D.; and Sophia, who married John Williams, Esq. of Weathersfield.

2. Elizabeth, born 1697; married Col. Jabez Huntington of Windham. They had four daughters: 1. Jerusha, married Dr. Clark of Lebanon. 2. Sarah, married Hezekiah Wetmore of Middletown, and had two children; and after his death married Samuel Beers of Stratford, and had three children: Lucy, married to George Smith of Smith-town, L. Island; Sarah Anne, married David Burr, Esq. of Fairfield; and William Pitt Beers, Esq. of Albany, who married Anne, daughter of Hon. Jonathan Sturges of Fairfield. 3. Elizabeth, married Rev. Abraham Davenport of Stamford, and had two children; Hon. Jon. Davenport, M.C. and Hon. James Davenport, a judge of the supreme court of Connecticut.

3. Anne, born in 1699, married John Ellworth, Esq. of East Windsor, and died in 1798, aged 99. They had four children: 1. John, born Aug. 24, 1735, and had five children; 2. Solomon, born April 3, 1737, and had twelve children; 3. Frederick; 4. Anne, who married Mr. John Stoughton of East Windsor, and had six children.

4. Mary, born in 1701, and died single, Sept. 17, 1776, in the 76th year of her age.

5. Jonathan, the subject of the present Memoir. For his children, see Appendix, No. VI.

6. Eunice, born in 1706, married, in Oct., 1729, Rev. Simon Backus of Newington, who went as chaplain of the Connecticut troops to Louisburg, in 1745, and died there in 1746. They had seven children: 1. Unknown. 2. Eunice, born in 1732, died unmarried aged 75. 3. Elizabeth, born in 1734, married David Bissell of East Windsor. They had two children. 4. Esther, married Benjamin Ely of West Springfield, and had fourteen children. 5. Rev. Simon Backus, A.B. of Yale, in 1759, married Rachel Moseley of East Haddam, and had nine children. 6. Jerusha, married Mr. Smith Bailey, and had four children. 7. Mary, died unmarried.

7. Abigail, born in 1708; married William Metcalf, Esq. of Lebanon, and A.B. of Harvard college. She died in 1754. They had five children: 1. Abigail, married Moses Bliss, Esq. of Springfield, and had eight children, Hon. George Bliss, Moses, William Metcalf, Lucy, married Dr. Hezekiah Clark of Lebanon, Abigail, married Hon. William Ely of Springfield, Frances, married Rev. William Rowland of Windsor, Emily, and Harriet. 2. William, and 3. Eliphalet, who died young. 4. Lucy, who married Mr. John Huntington of East Haddam, and had seven children. 5. Eliphalet, born Dec. 6, 1748, married Mary West of Lebanon.

8. Jerusha, born in 1710 and died Dec. 22, 1729, aged about 19 years.

9. Hannah, born in 1712, and married Seth Wetmore, Esq. of Middletown, Conn.

10. Lucy, born in 1715, and died unmarried in East Windsor, Aug. 21, 1736, aged 21.

11. Martha, born in 1716, married Rev. Moses Tuthill of Granville, Mass. and died Feb. 1794, aged 77.

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