Table of Contents

Title Page

Prefatory Material

The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul.

Chapter 1. The Introduction to the Work with Some General Account of Its Design.

Chapter II. The Careless Sinner Awakened.

Chapter III. The Awakened Sinner Urged to Immediate Consideration and Cautioned Against Delay.

Chapter IV. The Sinner Arraigned and Convicted.

Chapter V. The Sinner Stripped of His Vain Pleas.

Chapter VI. The Sinner Sentenced.

Chapter VII. The Helpless State of the Sinner Under Condemnation.

Chapter VIII. News of Salvation by Christ Brought to the Convinced and Condemned Sinner.

Chapter IX. A More Particular Accound of the Way by Which This Salvation Is to Be Obtained.

Chapter X. The Sinner Seriously Urged and Entreated to Accept of Salvation in This Way.

Chapter XI. A Solemn Address to Those Who Will Not Be Persuaded to Fall in with the Design of the Gospel.

Chapter XII. An Address to a Soul so Overwhelmed with a Sense of the Greatness of Its Sins, That It Dares Not Apply Itself to Christ with Any Hope of Salvation.

Chapter XIII. The Doubting Soul More Particularly Assisted in Its Inquiries as to the Sincerity of Its Faith and Repentance.

Chapter XIV. A More Particular View of the Several Branches of the Christian Temper, by Which the Reader May Be Farther Assisted in Judging What He Is, and What He Should Endeavor to Be.

Chapter XV. The Reader Reminded How Much He Needs the Assistance of the Spirit of Go to Form Him to the Temper Described Above, and What Encouragement He Has to Expect It.

Chapter XVI. The Christian Convert Warned of, And Animated Against Those Discouragements Which He Must Expect to Meet When Entering on a Religious Course.

Chapter XVII. The Christian Urged to, and Assisted in, an Express Act of Self-Dedication to the Service of God.

Chapter XVIII. On Communion in the Lord’s Supper.

Chapter XIX. Some More Particular Directions for Maintaining Continual Communion with God, or Being in His Fear All the Day Long.

Chapter XX. A Serious Persuasive to Such a Method of Spending Our Days as Is Represented in the Former Chapter.

Chapter XXI. A Caution Against Various Temptations, by Which the Young Convert May Be Drawn Aside from the Courage Recommended Above.

Chapter XXII. The Case of Spiritual Decay and Languor in Religion.

Chapter XXIII. The Sad Case of a Relapse into Known and Deliberate Sin, After Solemn Acts of Dedication to God and Some Progress Made in Religion.

Chapter XXIV. The Case of the Christian Under the Hiding of God’s Face.

Chapter XXV. The Christian Struggling Under Great and Heavy Affliction.

Chapter XXVI. The Christian Assisted in Examining into His Growth in Grace.

Chapter XXVII. The Advanced Christian Reminded of the Mercies of God, and Exhorted to the Exercise of Habitual Love to Him, and Joy in Him.

Chapter XXVIII. The Established Christian Urged to Exert Himself for Purposes of Usefulness.

Chapter XXIX. The Christian Rejoicing in the Views of Death and Judgment.

Chapter XXX. The Christian Honoring God by His Dying Behavior.



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