Table of Contents

Introductory Material

Book I. Containing a Preparation for the Whole Treatise.

The Second Book. The History Of The Generation And Heavenly Birth Of Divine Love.

Chapter I. That the Divine Perfections Are Only a Single But Infinite Perfection.

Chapter II. That in God There Is But One Only Act, Which Is His Own Divinity.

Chapter III. Of the Divine Providence in General.

Chapter IV. Of the Supernatural Providence Which God Uses towards Reasonable Creatures.

Chapter V. That Heavenly Providence Has Provided Men with a Most Abundant Redemption.

Chapter VI. Of Certain Special Favours Exercised by the Divine Providence in the Redemption of Man.

Chapter VII. How Admirable the Divine Providence Is in the Diversity of Graces Given to Men.

Chapter VIII. How Much God Desires We Should Love Him.

Chapter IX. How the Eternal Love of God Prevents Our Hearts with His Inspirations in Order That We May Love Him.

Chapter X. How We Oftentimes Repulse the Inspiration and Refuse to Love God.

Chapter XI. That It Is no Fault of the Divine Goodness if We Have not a Most Excellent Love.

Chapter XII. That Divine Inspirations Leave Us in Full Liberty to Follow or Repulse Them

Chapter XIII. Of the First Sentiments of Love Which Divine Inspirations Cause in the Soul before She Has Faith.

Chapter XIV. Of the Sentiment of Divine Love Which Is Had by Faith.

Chapter XV. Of the Great Sentiment of Love Which We Receive by Holy Hope.

Chapter XVI. How Love Is Practised in Hope.

Chapter XVII. That the Love Which Is in Hope Is Very Good, Though Imperfect.

Chapter XVIII. That Love Is Exercised in Penitence, and First, That There Are Divers Sorts of Penitence.

Chapter XIX. That Penitence Without Love Is Imperfect.

Chapter XX. How the Mingling of Love and Sorrow Takes Place in Contrition.

Chapter XXI. How Our Saviour's Loving Attractions Assist and Accompany Us to Faith and Charity.

Chapter XXII. A Short Description of Charity.

Book III. Of The Progress And Perfection Of Love.

Book IV. Of The Decay And Ruin Of Charity.

Book V. Of The Two Principal Exercises Of Holy Love Which Consist In Complacency And Benevolence.

Book VI. Of the Exercises of Holy Love in Prayer.

Book VII. Of the Union of the Soul with Her God, Which Is Perfected in Prayer.

Book VIII. Love of Conformity, by Which We Unite Our Will to the Will of God, Signified unto Us by His Commandments, Counsels and Inspirations.

Chapter I. Of the Love of Conformity Proceeding from Sacred Complacency.

Of the Conformity of Submission Which Proceeds from the Love of Benevolence.

Chapter III. How We Are to Conform Ourselves to That Divine Will Which Is Called the Signified Will.

Chapter IV. Of the Conformity of Our Will to the Will Which God Has to Save Us.

Chapter V. Of the Conformity of Our Will to That Will of God's Which Is Signified to Us by His Commandments.

Chapter VI. Of the Conformity of Our Will to That Will of God Which Is Signified unto Us by His Counsels.

VII. That the Love of God's Will Signified in the Commandments Moves Us to the Love of the Counsels.

Chapter VIII. That the Contempt of the Evangelical Counsels Is a Great Sin.

Chapter IX. A Continuation of the Preceding Discourse. How Every One, While Bound to Love, Is Not Bound to Practise, All the Evangelical Counsels, and Yet How Every One Should Practise What He Is Able.

Chapter X. How We Are to Conform Ourselves to God's Will Signfied unto Us by Inspirations, and First, of the Variety of the Means by Which God Inspires Us.

Chapter XI. Of the Union of Our Will with God's in the Inspirations Which Are Given for the Extraordinary Practice of Virtues; and of Perseverance in One's Vocation, the First Mark of Inspiration.

Chapter XII. Of the Union of Man's Will with God's in Those Inspirations Which Are Contrary to Ordinary Laws; and of Peace and Tranquility of Heart, Second Mark of Inspiration.

Chapter XIII. Third Mark of Inspiration, Which Is Holy Obedience to the Church and Superiors.

Chapter XIV. A Short Method to Know God's Will.

Book IX. Love of Submission, Whereby our Will is United to God's Good-Pleasure.

Chapter I. Of the Union of Our Will to That Divine Will Which Is Called the Will of Good-Pleasure.

Chapter II. That the Union of Our Will with the Good-Pleasure of God Takes Place Principally in Tribulations.

Chapter III. Of the Union of Our Will to the Divine Good-Pleasure in Spiritual Afflictions, by Resignation.

Chapter IV. Of the Union of Our Will to the Good-Pleasure of God by Indifference.

Chapter V. That Holy Indifference Extends to All Things.

Chapter VI. Of the Practice of Loving Indifference, in Things Belonging to the Service of God.

Chapter VII. Of the Indifference Which We Are to Have As to Our Advancement in Virtues.

Chapter VIII. How We Are to Unite Our Will with God's in the Permission of Sins.

Chapter IX. How the Purity of Indifference is to Be Practised in the Actions of Sacred Love.

Chapter X. Means to Discover When We Change in the Matter of This Holy Love.

Chapter XI. Of the Perplexity of a Heart Which Loves Without Knowing Whether It Pleases the Beloved.

Chapter XII. How the Soul amidst These Interior Anguishes Knows Not the Love She Bears to God: and of the Most Lovefull Death of the Will.

Chapter XIII. How the Will Being Dead to Itself Lives Entirely in God's Will.

Chapter XIV. An Explanation of What Has Been Said Touching the Decease of Our Will.

Chapter XV. Of the Most Excellent Exercise We Can Make in the Interior and Exterior Troubles of This Life, After Attaining the Indifference and Death of the Will.

Chapter XVI. Of the Perfect Stripping of the Soul Which Is United to God's Will.

Book X. Commandment of Loving God Above All Things.

Book XI. Sovereign Authority Which Sacred Love Holds over All the Virtues, Actions and Perfections of the Soul.

Chapter I. How Agreeable All Virtues Are to God.

Chapter II. That Divine Love Makes the Virtues Immeasurably More Agreeable to God than They Are of Their Own Nature.

Chapter III. That There Are Some Virtues Which Divine Love Raises to a Higher Degree of Excellence than Others.

IV. That Divine Love More Excellently Sanctifies the Virtues When They Are Practised by Its Order and Commandment.

Chapter V. How Love Spreads Its Excellence Over the Other Virtues, Perfecting Their Particular Excellence.

Chapter VI. Of the Excellent Value Which Sacred Love Gives to the Actions Which Issue from Itself and to Those Which Proceed from the Other Virtues.

Chapter VII. That Perfect Virtues Are Never One without the Other.

Chapter VIII. How Charity Comprehends All the Virtues.

Chapter IX. That the Virtues Have Their Perfection from Divine Love.

Chapter X. A Digression upon the Imperfection of the Virtues of the Pagans.

Chapter XI. How Human Actions Are Without Worth When They Are Done without Divine Love.

Chapter XII. How Holy Love Returning into the Soul, Brings Back to Life All the Works Which Sin Had Destroyed.

Chapter XIII. How We Are to Reduce All the Exercise of Virtues, and All Our Actions to Holy Love.

Chapter XIV. The Practice of What Has Been Said in the Preceding Chapter.

Chapter XV. How Charity Contains in It the Gifts of the Holy Ghost.

Chapter XVI. Of the Loving Fear of Spouses; a Continuation of the Same Subject.

Chapter XVII. How Servile Fear Remains Together with Holy Love.

Chapter XVIII. How Love Makes Use of Natural, Servile and Mercenary Fear.

Chapter XIX. How Sacred Love Contains the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost, together with the Eight Beatitudes of the Gospel.

Chapter XX. How Divine Love Makes Use of All the Passions and Affections of the Soul, and Reduces Them to Its Obedience.

XXI. That Sadness Is Almost Always Useless, Yea Contrary to the Service of Holy Love.

Book XII. Containing Certain Counsels for the Progress of the Soul in Holy Love.


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