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'Ορθρος2424'Ορθροις violates metre; I would retain the reading ορθρος, and put a colon. Thus, as it seems to me, grammar, sense, and metre, may be all satisfied. διδωμι τϖ Θεϖ μου δεξιας,

(Iambic trimeter.)

'Tis dawn: to God I lift my hand,

To regulate my way;

My passions rule, and unmoved stand,

And give to Thee the day:

Not one dark word or deed of sin,

Nor one base thought allow;

But watch all avenues within,

And wholly keep my vow.

Shamed were my age, should I decline;

Shamed were Thy table too,

At which I stand:--the will is mine:

Give grace, my Christ, to do.

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