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C. M. D.

He made himself of no reputation.
Phil. 2:7.



He came with his heavenly crown,

His scepter clad with power;

His coming was in feebleness,

The infant of an hour;

An humble manger cradled, first,

The Virgin’s holy birth,

And lowing herds surrounded there

The Lord of heaven and earth.

2 He came, not in his robe of wrath,

With arm outstretched to slay;

But on the darkling paths of earth,

To pour celestial day;

To guide in peace the wandering feet,

The broken heart to bind,

And bear upon the painful cross,

The sins of human kind.

3 And thou hast borne them, Saviour meek!

And therefore unto thee,

In humbleness and gratitude,

Our hearts shall offered be;

Our contrite hearts, an offering, Lord,

Which thou wilt not despise,

Our souls, our bodies, all be thine,

A living sacrifice!

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