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L. M.

What is man?
Psalm 8.



Lord, what is man? Extremes how wide

In this mysterious nature join!

The flesh to worms and dust allied,

The soul immortal and divine.

2 Divine at first, a holy flame

Kindled by heaven’s inspiring breath;

Till sin, with power prevailing, came;

Then followed darkness, shame and death.

3 But Jesus, O amazing grace!

Assumed our nature as his own,

Obeyed and suffered in our place,

Then took it with him to his throne.

4 Now, what is man, when grace reveals,

The virtue of a Saviour’s blood?

Again a life divine he feels,

Despises earth and walks with God.

5 And what, in yonder realms above,

Is ransomed man ordained to be!

With honor, holiness, and love,

No seraph more adorned than he.

6 Nearest the throne, and first in song,

Man shall his hallelujahs raise;

While wondering angels round him throng

And swell the chorus of his praise.

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