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C. M.

Not as I will.
Mark 14:36.



All as God wills! who wisely heeds

To give or to withhold,

And knoweth more of all my needs

Than all my prayers have told.

2 Enough that blessings undeserved

Have marked my erring track—

That wheresoe’er my feet have swerved,

His chastening turned me back—

3 That more and more a Providence,

Of love is understood,

Making the springs of time and sense

Sweet with eternal good—

4 That death seems but a covered way

Which opens into light,

Wherein no blinded child can stray

Beyond the Father’s sight—

5 That care and trial seem at last,

Through memory’s sunset air,

Like mountain ranges overpast,

In purple distance fair—

6 That all the jarring notes of life,

Seem blending in a psalm,

And all the angles of its strife

Slow rounding into calm.

7 And so the shadows fall apart

And so the west winds play;

And all the windows of my heart

I open to the day.

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