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C. M.




Let the whole race of creatures lie

In dust before the Lord!

Whate’er his powerful hand has formed,

He governs with a word.

2 Ten thousand ages ere the skies

Were into motion brought,

All the long years and worlds to come

Stood present to his thought.

3 There’s not a sparrow, or a worm,

O’erlooked in his decrees:

He raises monarchs to a throne,

Or sinks with equal ease.

4 If light attend the course I go,

’Tis he provides the rays;

And ’tis his hand that hides the sun,

If darkness cloud my days.

5 Trusting his wisdom and his love,

I would not wish to know

What, in the book of his decrees,

Awaits me here below.

6 Be this alone my fervent prayer:

Whate’er my lot may be,

Or joys, or sorrows—may they form

My soul for heaven and thee!

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