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Ezekiel 8:4

4. And, behold, the glory of the God of Israel was there, according to the vision that I saw in the plain.

4. Et ecce illic gloria Dei Israel, secundum visionem quam videram in planicie. 175175     “It is properly a valley, because בקעה, bek-gneh, is deduced from cutting: for a valley when interposed seems to break the mountains, and prevent their running in a continual track. But it is also taken generally for any plain, and the first vision occurred to the Prophet near the river Chebar, where there were no mountains.” — Calvin.


Now he only says that he saw God’s glory as he had formerly beheld it near the bank of the river. This was as it were the seal of his prophecy: for the holy man ought to be so strengthened, that he should boldly restrain the furious audacity and obstinacy of the people. Hence he had to strive with hard heads, and God did not arm him in vain; and to this end again a new vision was offered. He knew that to be the glory of God. Hence he was again made more certain that the whole action was under divine direction, and that it was neither human nor fictitious, nor deceptive nor doubtful. It follows —

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