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Ezekiel 1:9

9. Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

9. Societae erant quaeque ad aliam alarum: 2929     That is, each wing was connected with the next wing. — Calvin. ipsorum animalium non revertebantur in gradiendo: 3030     That is, when they moved, they did not turn back. — Calvin vir, 3131     Or each, איש — that is, each animal. — Calvin. versus faciem suam ex opposite 3232     Literally, in the direction of its face. — Calvin. incedebant.


He says the wings were conjoined, which he soon more clearly explains: for he will say that the wings were joined together, and that two were so extended that they clothed or ruled the whole body: but here he touches shortly upon what he will soon treat more at length. Their wings then were so joined together that one touched the other: and afterwards he adds, they so went forward that they did not return; and he seems to contradict himself when he afterwards says the animals ran like lightning and then returned: but these two things are not inconsistent, for he will soon add the explanation: namely, that the animals so go forward that they proceed in a perpetual course towards their own end or goal, but it does not follow that they afterwards rest there. Therefore when the animals proceed, they do not turn aside in either one direction or another, nor do they turn back, but go straight on in their destined course afterwards, like lightning, yet they have different meetings: and what this means we have no time to explain now, but must defer it till tomorrow.

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