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Ezekiel 5:11

11. Wherefore, as I live, saith the Lord GOD; Surely, because thou hast defiled my sanctuary with all thy detestable things, and with all thine abominations, therefore will I also diminish thee; neither shall mine eye spare, neither will I have any pity

11. Propterea vivo ego, dicit Dominator Iehovah, si non propterea quod sanctuarium meum polluisti 115115     That is, “since thou hast polluted my sanctuary.” — Calvin in omnibus detestationibus tuis, et omnibus abominationibus tuis: Etiam ego diminuam; 116116     Others translate, “I will break thee in pieces.” — Calvin et non parcet oculus meus, et etiam ego non miserebor. 117117     “I will not pardon.” — Calvin.


Here God again expresses more clearly why he was so eager to take vengeance namely, because the religion of the Jews was corrupt, and the Temple had been violated, as we shall see to-morrow.

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