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Jeremiah 48:4

4. Moab is destroyed; her little ones have caused a cry to be heard.

4. Afflicta est Moab; audire fecerunt clamorem parvuli ejus.


The Prophet speaks again generally of the whole country. It is said that the land of Moab was afflicted; not that it was so then; but to make certain the prophecy, he speaks of the event as having already taken place; for the prophets, as it is well known, speaking in the person of God, relate things as yet hidden, as though they had been completed. He says that the little ones of Moab so cried as to be heard. 55     Here all the versions and the Targum differ. The Vulg. only has “little ones;” the Syr. has “her poor,” the Sept. take “Zoar” to be intended, according to Isaiah 15:5, the word צוערה, instead of צעוריה. The passage in Isaiah confirms this reading, though not found in any copies. Then the verse would read thus, —
   Broken is Moab, They made the cry heard at Zoar.

   This is substantially the version of Venema. Ed.
This is much more emphatic than if he had said that men and women cried out; for children do not soon perceive what is going on, for their understanding is not great. Men and women howl when threatenings only are announced; but little children are not moved but by present evils, and except they are actually beaten, they are not affected; and then they hardly distinguish between some slight evil and death. Hence, when the Prophet says that the little ones of Moab were heard in their crying, he means that the grievousness of its calamity would be extreme, as that little children, as though wise before their time, would perceive the atrocious cruelty of their enemies. It follows, —

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