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Jeremiah 19:12

12. Thus will I do unto this place, saith the LORD, and to the inhabitants thereof, and even make this city as Tophet:

12. Sic faciam loco huic, dicit Jehova, et incolis ejus; et ad ponendum (et ponam) urbem hanc sicut Thopheth.


As he had said before that the valley would be the place of slaughter, that thence it might take its name, so now he declares the same as to the city; “As then Tophet shall be the valley of slaughter, so shall Jerusalem be.” 221221     The ellipsis in the last clause is what often occurs in Hebrew; it may be supplied in our language by that, —
   “Thus will I do to this place, saith Jehovah, and to its inhabitants, and that to make this city like Tophet.”

   The full sentence is, “and thus will I do to make,” etc. — Ed.
They were no doubt kindled into rage (as we shall see in the next chapter) on hearing this prophecy; but yet God purposed, however irreclaimable and refractory they were, to let them know what was approaching, and though they did not believe the words of the Prophet, God touched and even deeply wounded their consciences, so that before the event came they were miserable. For the same purpose he adds —

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